Bunny Ranch Lies about “reasonable rates” and “affordable prices”

Above: Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and his overpriced delusional bunnies, who think that $1000 – $1500 are “reasonable” and “affordable” prices when the standard rate for P4P in the USA has been $200 for years.

Check this out. It’s totally laughable. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch actually claims that it’s ripoff prices of $1000 – $1500 are “affordable and reasonable”. lol

On their website FAQ page, it says:


“13. How much is a “party”?

There are no set prices. Each girl is an independent contractor and therefore establishes her own services and pricing. Legally, we cannot quote prices, but all the prices are reasonable and negotiable. The ladies work with all budgets. If it weren’t affordable we wouldn’t have been here for over 50 years.”

Uh excuse me stupid, you forgot to mention that it was affordable 10 years ago when prices were around $200. But since then you’ve raised prices 500 percent to $1000 – $1500, which is why your parking lots are empty nowadays, whereas it was far busier in the 1990’s when I first went there.

And on Yelp, one of their obvious shills named Kathleen wrote:


“the best brothel in nevada, has the most QUALITY ladies for reasonable rates! Of course service is exceptional.”

That’s the dumbest lie anyone can say. One cannot charge whatever they want and call it “reasonable”. What an insult to the intelligence! What are they smoking? The standard rate of P4P (pay per pleasure) in the USA is $200. Even the Las Vegas escorts who seek customers at hotels on the strip ask for $400.

But the Bunny Ranch girls charge $1000 to $1500 for an hour of lousy sex. That’s 5 times the standard rate! 500 percent of the standard rate is NOT reasonable. Dummy. Get real. You can’t just charge any outrageous price and call it “reasonable”. That’s so dumb and stupid. If I charged one million dollars for a stick of chewing gum and called it a “reasonable price”, would that make it so? Of course not. Duh. They are either dishonest and stupid, or totally delusional.

Here on the Howard Stern forum, the posters are talking about the Bunny Ranch’s ripoff prices and how they are not worth it.


They also mention that in the 1990’s, they could get P4P there for $150. That’s true. The first time I went there was in 1996 when I went to the Kit Kat Ranch. I got a sexy white girl who only charged me $150. So I don’t know what happened. But raising rates from $200 to $1000 or $1500 is quite ridiculous and without justification. What kind of price rises 500 percent for no reason like that?

Better to go overseas where you can get P4P for much less, such as Philippines and Thailand where it starts at $30. Poland and Amsterdam also have brothels for $30 a lay. Even in Canada, the brothels are $200 for both room and tip. So charging $1000 is off the chart stupid and unreal. What are Dennis Hof and his whores smoking that they think they can get away with that? Especially when the economy of the US is in a down cycle and people are struggling?

It’s no surprise that the Bunny Ranch and the group of Mound House brothels across the road are empty these days with hardly any customers. They were a lot busier in the 1990’s. So when any schmuck does occasionally come by, they have to take advantage of it and put high pressure on get him to agree to thousand dollar prices. That’s what happened to me it seems.



55 thoughts on “Bunny Ranch Lies about “reasonable rates” and “affordable prices”

  1. I am sorry to read about your experience. On 26 June I was ripped off by a girl called Gemma Balding. I paid £250 for an overnight booking (in cash), she went outside for a cigarette and I have seen neither hide nor hair of her since. I hope your issue is resolved. Regards

  2. Seriously?? Don’t ask me why I bothered to read this garbage, but you really are an idiot.
    $200 for a threesome? You realize these girls give 50% to the house, yes? Even bottom of the barrel tweakers aren’t going to give you 3 way action for $50.
    These girls grabbed your credit card, but you apparently still signed the slips. All of them. Bitch all you want, but this would NEVER hold up in court. So, some whores took you for $1500..boo effing hoo. What a whimpy little bitch you must be.
    No wonder you’re looking for $200 action. So pathetic..just move along with your life.
    If you are a public figure, consider this an expensive lesson learned.
    These girls go on tv and talk about making $200k working part time. They do this by giving you a threesome with a payout of $50? Get real. You must like ’em dirty and skanky for what you are willing to pay.
    Too funny. Well, thanks for the laugh. Enjoy pursuing this endlessly. You will not win.
    You are also the most vile human being imaginable. You probably hit up foreign countries with sex slaves and pay $20.
    I REALLY hope Hof doesn’t offer you a nickel.
    Now, go cry yourself to sleep on your credit card bills, you creep.

    • This ^. What the OP doesn’t remember to mention in his whiny ass post is that “$200 P4P Nationwide US” has a high potential to cost thousands in legal expenses AND thousands more in a lifetime of medical bills treating something that “just wont wash off”. GG OP. You really are fucking retarded.

    • This guy crying about price of pussy is a jackass. Probably used to street hookers who charge $50, thinks a high end whore is $200. Funny sonny if you don’t have the money you don’t get with a hot hooker. You can get an ugly one for $200. The other funny thing is Vegas hookers are either cops or they’re breaking the law, it’s illegal in Vegas. Finally try taking a bath and brushing your teeth then you might not have to pay for pussy.

      • Why idiot? You can pay a slut annually, like your wife or girlfriend…or you can pay by the hour and have some real fun and then as a bonus, they leave. That’s right, they split. Where as your dumb ass is getting hauled off to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new shower curtains and a duvet.

    • to hotsaucecookie above me: you 100% hit the nail on the head. the minute you pay directly for sex, both parties know what the fuck is up and she has to shut up and leave when it’s over. if i want to lick her asshole, she’s game. why? i am paying. if i bought her dinner on a date instead, i would first have to even hope to get into her panties and then hope again that she would let me lick out her asshole and pussy. you WILL absolutely pay for pussy no matter it. it’s the only bargaining chip a woman has over a man. if i couldn’t fuck a girl, why the hell would i talk to her? i’d rather be talking to my guy friends about football and the latest man cave project, but alas, pussy calls me and women know it and will NOT give it up for free. they will barter it out as long as possible for the highest return on this body organ. paying for sex cuts all of this out and makes it into a real business by removing all shades of bullshit and fake diplomacy.

      • I’d prefer to continue to spend money taking care of my wife and family and have AMAZING sex with my wife every day of the week, instead of shelling out the price of a car payment for an hour of sex with someone who has no emotion involved with it.

      • Shawn,

        I’d be bored with your wife after the first time I fucked her. (Just think of all the guys who “hit it and quit it,” while you were working a 12-hr shift).

        Also, she’s obviously faking emotion, since she needs to hang on to her meal ticket (aka you). That way, she has her days free to socialize, shop & fuck guys, without having to lubricate her vagina with KY Jelly.

      • Part of that last sentence was supposed to be, “without having to keep stopping to re-lubricate her dry pussy with KY Jelly.”

    • this guy is a complete idiot. nobody is asking him or anyone see girls from Bunny Ranch or anywhere you don’t want to. you have your choice so stop bitching you cheap asshole. !!!!!

      • Well you can get 3 girls for $200 in Thailand or Philippines or Cambodia or Dominican Republic or Brazil..lolol

      • Honestly,your all a bunch of losers paying to get laid. Glad I don’t have that problem. Screwing dope heads,mothers with stretched out pussies and women’s that have had thousands of partners. Damn,I’m lucky.

  3. We all pay for sex in some way. I wouldn’t screw a street hooker and I wouldn’t pay over $1,000 to bang a high price slut either.

    • I like the old adage from the movie American Pie,” we better get it now because when we turn 40 years old will have to pay for it”.
      Married or with a girlfriend or single, paying for hoes we’re all paying for it..
      What’s worse paying for a high price hoe or paying for alimony ,child support? the hoe is cheaper..

  4. Looks you were coerced into signing more and more receipts for more time. Your credit card company would have stepped in and refunded your charges but couldn’t because you signed and kept signing on the dotted line. It sounds shady to me but you DID sign those receipts

    • It’s not “coercion”, but rather “hustling”. Perfectly legal in their territory. No different than a stripper in a strip club. Nothing shady. He just has problems if you couldn’t tell.

  5. Oh yes…the “public figure” who will never reveal who he is. I saw your complaint on Yelp! a few months back when I was posting a review and sorry to say this, dude, but you are crazy. I can’t believe you created a blog about this!! LOL.

    Since I have a few spare moments, I want to educate you about something. You might have heard of the word, “inflation”. The cost of living and expenses for other things are not the same as they were in the 1990s so of course the prices are going to go up as the girls only get half of what they make.

    Now that we have that established, let’s talk about these girls. These girls are business women. They are there to make money so yes they are going to hustle you for money no different if you go into a strip club and sit in the front row. That’s how it is. You step into their territory, they are going to flirt with you and look at you and try to squeeze every cent out of you. In the legal world, we define this as “caveat emptor” which is Latin for: “Let the buyer beware”. Since you’re a public figure, you should know this.

    While you may be upset, you are the only one to blame. Maybe you were intimidated or in a lustful haze, but for whatever reason you signed the receipts you did. Maybe if you were held against your will and were being tortured and held at gunpoint then there would be a different defense. But since that didn’t happen you are at fault. All negligence is on you. Now, learn from this and move on with your life. If you don’t ever want to go back to the Bunny Ranch then don’t. But, making a mountain out of an ant hill never got anybody anywhere.

    Check into therapy. You need it.

  6. In addendum to my comment, I testify to you that they are not a scam. More expensive than an illegal online escort? Yes, but only because the house takes half of what they take. But they are anything but a scam. They are an honest business. I too had a bad experience. I spent a whole lot more than you did, sir (the price is none of your business) and suffice it to say they could have shooed me away when they learned of the experience, but instead they saw the obvious harm and gave me not one, but TWO free parties (what they call “comps”). So clearly you are insane. Have a good day!

  7. he’s right about europe, I’ve done it in Germany all legal, tested licensed friendly and at least n 8 out of 10, I mean exotic beautiful girls from all over the world, for 200 massage, bj, and sex. just don’t forget about the 1500.00 plane ticket to get there and back again!

    • it’s not like everyone here lives in vegas anyway. people live in montana, florida, mississippi, delaware, boston, etc. diff. cities and states quite far away and the plane ticket out there is at least around 700 bucks plus hotel costs and taxi/car rental. it’s not cheap. now if you live near nevada, it’s easier. also $200 IS indeed market value this year 2015 on most websites for good quality girls in or outcall by the hour. bunny ranch is severely overpriced

  8. I’m with the poster on this if what he is saying is true.

    I never pay for actual sex with any of these girls but do seek them out to fulfill dominatrix fetishes and fantasies that I like to play out with different girls to keep things different. 4 out 5 like the change of activity and actually enjoy the new experience themselves if they are new Io it.

    I’ve played in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Japan and right here in the US.

    Rates overseas in Europe start at $50 – $70 to play for ~15 minutes. Pretty much anything goes. $200 – $300 US is what you’ll pay for an hour of their time. These girls are young, beautiful, and playful. And if you tip them an extra 25% they will definitely want to see you again and will aim to please even more the next time you see them. In my opinion “why not tip them?” if they gave you what you were looking for and didn’t try and hustle you it’s deserved.

    The most I ever had to pay to play in Europe (Germany) with an upscale professional dominatrix was $600 US for 90 minutes of their time and that was well worth it. I was first taken to an interviewing room where I was served a cappuccino to relax and was able to speak and explain my personal fantasy to the girl before we ever began anything at all. The “clock” so to speak was off, no pressure no rush.

    $1000 – $1500 is bullshit if you aren’t getting at least two full hours of time to play and explore your fantasies and that better be an A+ girl who can give you the time of your life. I understand the brothels here in the US have a much harder time to make ends especially since they are in the middle of nowhere in the desert. I have never decided to go and find out what it’s like at the Bunny Ranch or any other of those brothels that offer sex legally here in the US but even great dominatrices who work legally in Las Vegas who offer no sex only charge $300 for an hour.

    All things considered for me personally, $600 might be the most I’d be willing to pay to go out there in the desert but frankly, it’s just not worth it when I can pay half that in Vegas and not feel hustled on top of that.

  9. I am a working girl at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas and on behalf of not only myself but all working girls at Dennis Hof’s brothels, you guys on here bitching and moaning about prices are a joke. All the references used in your complaint refer to the 1990’s as far as your prices are concerned. And to be fair you cannot quote prices if we are all independent contractors because being independent allows each girl to name their own prices and all ladies are different. We are not cheap street walkers charging $200 for bareback sex in Vegas and that is why we are higher priced. We are also higher priced because we pay rent for our own private room in the house, We pay out of our own pocket to see the doctor weekly (if you don’t clear with the doc you don’t work) and also we pay quarterly to renew our sheriffs card. On top of those expenses we split half of every party we have with the house. So you have health clearances on all girls, background checks done by the sheriff and we are in a clean and safe environment. If you are not the least bit concerned about your health or freedom then by all means go buy yourself a cheap streetwalker. If you get lucky, then the lady you choose won’t be a part of a sting operation, so then you really get lucky. So you go into a gross ally or cheap motel room and if your not robbed by her or her pimp than you will participate in the sexual activity of your choice. you feel like you got a great deal and didn’t have to drive all the way out to the middle of nowhere Nevada.Yes maybe we may be in the middle of what seems to be nowhere, but all Nevada brothels are desolate due to the requirements of the State of Nevada. So anyways you get done doing the deed and head home and your feeling like a new man. But what you have failed to take into consideration is the health condition of the lady that you had sexual contact with. According to the State of Nevada health Department in 2015, STD’s and HIV and AIDS virus are at an all time rise. Your complaint is ignorant and uneducated and maybe next time you decide to bitch about the prices we name for selling our bodies, you should do your homework. Quality over quantity is always the way to go.

    Thank you for your time and attention in regards to my response.
    Paris Envy

    • Paris,

      I believe the real anger is directed in two areas. First, it’s the attitude of the workers. Second, it’s the fact that our economy is awful and the above average joe just can’t afford it. This causes many to make the wrong decision of settling for a risky situation. So how about a one month special, sayyyyy 250-500 for the month of March? Or a discount if they use gold or silver……….. How about this, get some workers in there that’s willing to accept less. In the long run the business will make waaaay more money.

    • What disgusts me about all you bitchers and whiners is you think you are just entitled to buy a woman’s pussy for your pleasure at the price you want. You are all losers! Go buy a god damn flesh light and pleasure yourself – but when you approach a woman without respect, I hope she charges you 5 grand just so you will drag your cheap ass out of the house. Paris and the ladies are human beings and deserve respect. Until you get that straight you don’t deserve their company at all. If a cheap lousy ground is too much for you bums, then save up your 200 bucks in a piggie bank and come back later. Yea the economy is a bitch, and how would you like it someone offered you 20% of your pay?

    • Paris
      What troubles me most about these creeps bitching about money is they seem to forget you are a human being, fully independent, and free. None of them would agree to cut their salary. But they all feel qualified to judge you and all working girls on your earnings. They are all hypocrites and losers. They have no understanding of how America operates. If one of these fools come to you, charge them double. An extra asshole ignorant surcharge! If I can’t afford what I want, I go home and save.
      You deserve a raise putting up with these bums

      • No Raymond I quit participating in this conversation because I’m not going to engage in conversation with men that are chauvinistic broke pigs that bitch about prices. Whoever said $800 is my price, obviously has no idea what they are talking about. When the Lamar Odom incident took place I was on break at home. That had nothing to do with me at all. And just because I work at a brothel does not mean I’m addicted to drugs. I do not use drugs and have never used or been an addict. None of you know me but seem to base your opinions off some stereotypical bullshit and try to pass them off as facts. I refuse to associate with such negative lying, underachieving scumbags cuz you can’t afford the finer things in life. You will never find happiness because you bitch and complain about extra curricular activities that other people can afford and you can’t. You feel the need to cause misery in other people’s lives especially the “hooker” you can’t afford gets slandered and lied about because your bank account is a joke. I don’t appreciate your illiterate and idiotic statements, judgements and false accusations towards me, Dennis Hof, all legal working girls, or our ranches. Enjoy your miserable existence and I would be delighted to enjoy my job and the people who respect me and what I do for a living. You can kick up your feet and sit at home in your chair and wish you could afford me while you rub one out. Enjoy the rest of your useless and miserable life. I’ll be having a great time doing what I love.


  10. Speaking as someone who has actually been to the Love Ranch I agree with the poster. Paris is so stuck on herself that she thinks someone should give her a minimum of $800 for an hour of her time. GET REAL!! Yes, girls at the brothels do get health checks and do pay room and board. Just like all the other brothels in Nevada. Difference is; at other brothels a person can easily find a very attractive quality lady for $300-$400 an hour. The Bunny Ranch, Love Ranch North and South are well known for being filled with stuck up gold diggers. Course Paris does need the $800 per hour because of her overhead expenses. Meth is an expensive habit.

    • Voice of experience, of what?
      Any idea what meth does to a body? Think Paris could pass a health test addicted to that garbage? Your stupid ignorance is offensive. If you can make more selling your art across the street are you going to stay in the low rent district? I think you would, because you are ignorant of the possibility of living a life with class and dignity. Get that fleshlight and wax it up, leave Paris to meet real gentleman. If you are worried about the difference between a lousy 200 bucks and a grand, you have bigger problems than the cost of a lovely ladies time. Make your rent, car payment, save your dollars, but quit bitching. Losers! Can’t afford a sexy woman? Stay home and go to night school

  11. Of course you would try to insult me for speaking up for working girls. Your welcome to go to any brothel you like especially if you feel like you are getting a better deal. Obviously you don’t respect or think highly of working girls because your false and coward like meth accusation. Conceal your identity and call me what you will behind your your mask. Your a coward and not worth a minute of my time cuz you don’t have the balls to say to my face what you say on the Internet. I bet I would laugh if I saw and knew who this really is. I have a good idea. Pointing your finger out of jealousy and false accusations……you’ll go really far lmfao

    • LMAO, You all are horrible. I do know I would never spent that an hour for a women there is no reason you should make and the house should make more than 89 an hour labor like a normal contractor ur medical and lic are tax right offs ur room is tax right off and the house every bill is a right off the house hould make 30 an hour per room and the woman should make 89 if she is paying taxes. That would be legit rate. You can go to a club spend 40 and get laid if you are not lame. I will say this i was considering going there but now Im not. Id rather take a vacation in Europe see the sites and experience the brothel. More benifit for them money.

      • I understand your selling yourbody, but dam truthfully u have the funniest best easy job. If u say u dont well then u shouldnt be working there.

      • Great business advice genius. Guess what? Welcome to America – land of freedom – free enterprise – independent contractors are just that – independent. If these women had to conform to your business structure, you will have reduced them to sexual slaves working for minimum wage. But since this is America, thank God, the women have the right to charge what they want. Want something cheaper? Walk away. Grow up, that’s our world. Want a guitar? Go by a 100 dollar Straicaster knock off. Want a great guitar? Put down 1200 for an American Standard Strat.
        You going to bitch at Fender ? Tell them you deserve the best guitar for the same lousy 100 dollars? If so, you have no business playing guitar.

        Want a real woman of talent grace Beauty and hot as hell – ready to blow you away? Then stop bitching and pay your dues.
        Don’t think I am rich haha – but I know how to save up a grand.
        Think of the money as a gift and respect.
        Divorce is more expensive boys

    • Paris,

      I believe the real anger is directed in two areas. First, it’s the attitude of the workers. Second, it’s the fact that our economy is awful and the above average joe just can’t afford it. This causes many to make the wrong decision of settling for a risky situation. So how about a one month special, sayyyyy 250-500 for the month of March? Or a discount if they use gold or silver……….. How about this, get some workers in there that’s willing to accept less. In the long run the business will make waaaay more money.

    • Hey Paris, I have no idea what the sex industry is like in Nevada (I’m a private escort from Melbourne AUS)
      I’m interested in finding out more about what it’s like working in the US. I love the idea of working there to gain some more experience. Can you email me miadevigne@outlook.com to talk about it if you have time? The adult industry community is awesome here. Not as good as Europe but there’s lots of support and our laws are getting there…
      Would love to hear from you
      Mia Devigne xx

  12. Go to Darling Cabaret in Prague. The worst looking girl at Darling Cabaret looks like the best looking one at any Nevada brothel. Plus, for $300 you can have a threesome. It’s clean and safe too. Hell, if you were willing to spend the $1500 you spend in Nevada you could have 10 girls at once. Again, all MUCH more attractive.

    However, it’s also easy to meet women in Prague anyway, and you don’t have to pay anything other than for dinner and drinks (which is cheap in Prague). You’ll have a girl that looks better than at a US brothel, and she’ll WANT to fuck you.

    • Yeah I’m a black guy and another black guy told me Prague is the place to be.. he told me it’s safer, better and you’re much more appreciated . Then the Dominican Republic, the carribean or in thailand.. is this true?

  13. Reading this article made me feel sick. Women are sharing their most intimate parts or their body and soul with you and you think you can bargain or put a price on that? They can charge whatever they want and quite frankly I think most women in the adult industry should charge more than they do.

  14. Hof only cares about the money. Women or clients using drugs takes a back seat to him making money. Most are skanks and prey on the uninformed sex tourist. Proven fact they will try to take you for as much as they can, it is what the scumbag teaches them.

  15. That’s why you need to stick to STRAIGHT JACKIN IT to save that rich cream, bitch! Your needs are all in your head, you know what you want better than any hoe!

  16. No one has mentioned supply and demand yet. Apparently there are enough people willing to shell out $1,000+ to rut so that the Bunny Ranch can stay open. Good for them!

    I’ve never used a prostitute, but I’d think it’d be substantially less than $1,000/hr for a “quality” gal. I’d have thought that there would be a lower hourly rate, but maybe a minimum time that you have to purchase.

    Regardless, there is no way I’d ever pay $1,000 for an hour of sex with a nobody that works at a brothel. That’s absurd.

    • The same accord a woman will pay $3,000 for a pocketbook , a man $80,000 for car or a woman $900 for a pair of shoes. In a few instances quality is equal to that price. But generally speaking it’s just the status, the service , the product is no better than something that is much much cheaper.. it’s the status of going to the bunny ranch. Of course for $1,000 an hour or more you can take that money and fly to Thailand or Dominican Republic or Columbia and get a much better woman. the status of saying you were going to the bunny ranch is its marketing ploy.

      • I can get a hot hooker for 80 bucks young like early 20s even 18 19 girls out here are stupid guys make them fall and love put them on the team and they charge 80 for half ok those are decent not hella hot but the hot ones are usually 100 to 180 and im in san jose ca big city alot of variety and there hot not some cheap ugly sleezy girls who dont have good service. Service is good alot of independant ones out here and some good illegal brothels out here to

  17. Notice how quite Paris Envy and her drug buddies at Love Ranch have gotten since Lamar Odom made the news there. Guess that got the attention of the cops and they watching that drug haven now. Avoiding the Hof houses (Love Ranch, Alien Cathouse, Bunny Ranch, Sagebrush) when going to Nevada brothels just makes good common sense. Course the girls are out to make the best income possible. Any person does that. Problem is at the Hof houses, they are all so stuck on themselves. They actually start to believe they are worth the $800 an hour and treat you like an ignorant hick if you dare to think they are overcharging. Other non-Hof brothels (Mona’s, Bella’s Hacienda, Desert Rose, etc…) have ladies matching or exceeding any at a Hof house except they don’t have the princess attitude to go with it. There you will actually get quality for a fair price;

    • Have you thought of things at all from their perspective? As a dancer I get annoyed and offended when men tell me that I’m overcharging and they better get this or that if they pay that. Why?

      A. I myself don’t make that price, its a set price from the club.
      B. Its kind of disrespectful, you’re literally telling me that I myself am overpriced. Who are you to think that you should be able to state if how I value my time and personal space is overpriced?
      C. That’s your opinion, you can have it; but you didn’t have to be so rude. You could of just said that’s too much for me. no thanks, or something of the sort.

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