Dennis Hof’s 2nd response to me on the BBB



Dennis Hof just posted another response to me on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Here is what he wrote:



On June 11, 2014, the business provided the following information:

Wu we answer your mail. SCAM is a very serious word and we don’t think so.

If a client has a issue with our girls we here about it right away not months later. You threatened us, you said bad things about my company. You also use illegal criminal types and third world examples re price and service, we are a nearly 60 year old company and we are known for quality girls girls. We don to believe you are credible or you would have said something on the spot, NOTHING TWISTED YOU ARM, YOU A MAN AND YOU MADE THE PURCHASE. This is not a shirt you can return.

You say sex in america is $200, maybe in the illegal criminal world you have felt with, THIS IS LEGAL, you want 2 girls and you wanted to rebook and rebook and keep the party going , thats costs money. There is no place you are going to get 2 girls featured in Penthouse magazine to party the you, much less for a$200 Get real!!!!

Force Trickery, this is lie, there were witnesses!! You wanted more and they gave you more.

You didn’t agree to that price? Lie, you signed the credit card slips with witnesses.

You have been here before, you know we are legal and you know we have quality.

If you decide to return in the next 3 months, i will charge you half price with the girl you decide to party with.

Next time stay within your budget mr wu.

My response:


Again, the business did NOT propose a resolution, only a fictitious story to try to pit the blame on me falsely without considering what I had to say. Mr. Hof was not there and is continuing to spin a false story to deter blame away from them. Well sorry Mr. Hof, but darkness cannot stand the light of truth. You’ve failed to cover up and hide the the real truth of the matter.

You also lie when you say you answer my email. You do not. You only wrote me back once the first time I emailed you but it was obvious you didn’t know what happened, so I explained it to you calmly in great detail, hoping to appeal to your reason. You ignored me after that completely.

I DID stay within my budget, Mr. Hof. That’s why I REFUSED to pay $1000 when they declared their price. That’s when they decided to resort to trickery to get what they wanted. An honest girl would have just parted ways.

FYI, again, I did NOT rebook or agree to pay $1500. The deal was for $300 for on hour. That was the agreement. I swear it.

At first, they wanted at least $1000. That’s why I was going to leave. But the girls did not want me to leave. They had to get at least $1000 out of me, and were willing to use trickery, lies and deceit to get it. And that’s exactly what they did. I swear to God.

So they offered $300 for “everything I wanted” they said. The deal was $300 for one hour of sex. That’s what the price has always been, and what I paid before. But they did NOT keep that deal. After a few minutes of foreplay and warm up, they stopped and began charging me $400 every 10 or 15 minutes.

That’s how they forced me into paying $1500, which I was UNWILLING to pay, against my will. No way was I gonna pay that, so they had to trick me by charging me in increments, and lying about the $300 deal.

Do you understand? I am tired of explaining this to you so many times Mr. Hof.

Sex in America is not worth $1000. It is worth $200. That is the standard price and has been for many years. You know that.

It is NOT true that sex is only cheaper in third world countries. Mr. Hof, you’ve been to Holland and you acknowledged that sex there cost $50. You told the girls at your strip club about it. One of them told me. Holland, Germany and Poland are NOT third world countries. So stop trying to use false comparisons.

Sex is not worth $1000, Mr. Hof. Everyone knows that. Stop trying to deny that. 99.99 percent of guys would never pay $1000 for sex, even if they were wealthy. It’s simply not worth that kind of price at all. They could use that money to just go overseas and have a much better experience with bar girls or working girls abroad, at normal reasonable rates.

FACT: Your staff definitely did SCAM me. That is a 100 percent fact that I will swear to. It’s obvious to anyone too.

You do not look credible Mr. Hof. I do. I am very authentic, down to earth, sincere, intellectual, truthful, and no-nonsense. Anyone who hears me speak or sees me will attest to that. There are podcasts and videos of me available publicly.

I also have many third party references attesting to my character, integrity and credibility too. You have none of those Mr. Hof.

Bottom line: Your staff scammed me. I was only willing to pay $200 or $300 at most. They agreed to $300 and then charged me another $1200 AGAINST my will. I swear to God that I did NOT agree to any of it. They broke the deal and lied and tricked me. I swear it.

They should not go unpunished for this. And I will make sure that justice prevails. That’s a promise. Truth is on my side. Not yours. Just accept the facts Mr. Hof. Stop trying to misportray what happened.

Do the right thing Mr. Hof. Fix the scam that happened. I’m not paying $1500 for 45 min of bad sex that is not even GFE. No way jose.

If you continue to avoid the truth and justice, I will put my story on and also on the forum, which has been recommended to me as well.

If you continue to avoid the truth Mr. Hof, your business and its reputation will continue suffering the consequences. You will lose business, more than the $1500 I was robbed of.

Crime doesn’t pay, Mr. Hof. You can’t win against the truth.

I swear on the Bible that my version of what happened is the TRUTH, and Mr. Hof’s is not.

Thank you for your attention.

Also, check this out. Someone from the Sex in Nevada forums found my blog and told me to post my story there. It seems that the guys there hate Dennis Hof as well. When I looked at the threads about him there, I found this one. Apparently, Dennis Hof has a pattern of jipping his brothel girls of their last paycheck when they quit. What a stingy bastard. See below.Dennis Hof Refuses to Pay $1400 to Former Working Girl
I just posted this RESOLUTION PROPOSAL on the BBB website to Dennis Hof:



To Dennis Hof:

I would like to propose a resolution to our dispute.

But first, let me ask you this: Guys are horny all the time and it’s very difficult to get free sex in America, at least for average looking guys. So do you really expect that whenever a guy is horny, that he has to go to one of your brothels and spends $1000+ each time? lol. Most guys would be broke in no time. Be realistic man. Sex is NOT supposed to cost that much. That’s why in Europe it is priced at a SANE REASONABLE price.

No guy can afford to spend $1000+ every time he’s horny, whether it’s every week, every month or even every few months. Come on. Get real dude. That is so totally UNFAIR. You are so out of touch with reality you know that? What do you expect? That a guy goes broke or bankrupt just because he’s horny, which is a natural thing? lol. Man you are so WARPED. I swear. And you are 100 percent UNFAIR too. Do you realize that?

Anyhow, here is my proposed resolution:

How about you refund HALF of my money, which is about $750, plus another $300 for the many hours I wasted putting up these websites to get my stolen money back? Then we will consider this dispute SETTLED.

What do you say? Do you accept this offer?

Otherwise, the sites I’m going to put up on RipoffReport and other forums are going to do major damage to your reputation and business. Guaranteed.

Again, I swear to God that I REALLY REALLY REALLY WAS SCAMMED at your business. If I wasn’t, I would not be fighting this vehemently. Think about it.

Hope you accept my resolution offer.



2 thoughts on “Dennis Hof’s 2nd response to me on the BBB

  1. “I swear on the Bible that my version of what happened is the TRUTH, and Mr. Hof’s is not.

    Swears on the bible, but goes to a whore house. Hummm.

    Next: Sex in America is no more than $200.00? What? Yea on Craigslist or the Backpage and most of them are clean up street whores with a hotel room.
    You want to party with magazine models and known porn stars, you going to pay premium.

    …and its not a question of they are too expensive, its a reality that you can’t afford quality. Quality cars, food, and women is not for the average.
    Oh, and as far as “FAIR”
    nothing is “FAIR”. Fair is a fantasy word. There are those who have $$ and those who look at free porn on the Internet and wack off.

    Just my opinion that doesn’t matter.

  2. There are plenty of brothel in Nevada that are not owned by Hof where an hour with a very attractive lady is $400. Real women. Not the stuck up c**ts who work for Hof thinking someone should drain their bank account just for a moment of their precious time. They all so arrogant and full of themselves. If you don’t want to pay the price they demanding, they will worm it out of you other ways. That is why they have constant emails and training on how to do just that.

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