Bunny Ranch Lies about “reasonable rates” and “affordable prices”

Above:┬áBunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and his overpriced delusional bunnies, who think that $1000 – $1500 are “reasonable” and “affordable” prices when the standard rate for P4P in the USA has been $200 for years.

Check this out. It’s totally laughable. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch actually claims that it’s ripoff prices of $1000 – $1500 are “affordable and reasonable”. lol

On their website FAQ page, it says:


“13. How much is a “party”?

There are no set prices. Each girl is an independent contractor and therefore establishes her own services and pricing. Legally, we cannot quote prices, but all the prices are reasonable and negotiable. The ladies work with all budgets. If it weren’t affordable we wouldn’t have been here for over 50 years.”

Uh excuse me stupid, you forgot to mention that it was affordable 10 years ago when prices were around $200. But since then you’ve raised prices 500 percent to $1000 – $1500, which is why your parking lots are empty nowadays, whereas it was far busier in the 1990’s when I first went there.

And on Yelp, one of their obvious shills named Kathleen wrote:


“the best brothel in nevada, has the most QUALITY ladies for reasonable rates! Of course service is exceptional.”

That’s the dumbest lie anyone can say. One cannot charge whatever they want and call it “reasonable”. What an insult to the intelligence! What are they smoking? The standard rate of P4P (pay per pleasure) in the USA is $200. Even the Las Vegas escorts who seek customers at hotels on the strip ask for $400.

But the Bunny Ranch girls charge $1000 to $1500 for an hour of lousy sex. That’s 5 times the standard rate! 500 percent of the standard rate is NOT reasonable. Dummy. Get real. You can’t just charge any outrageous price and call it “reasonable”. That’s so dumb and stupid. If I charged one million dollars for a stick of chewing gum and called it a “reasonable price”, would that make it so? Of course not. Duh. They are either dishonest and stupid, or totally delusional.

Here on the Howard Stern forum, the posters are talking about the Bunny Ranch’s ripoff prices and how they are not worth it.


They also mention that in the 1990’s, they could get P4P there for $150. That’s true. The first time I went there was in 1996 when I went to the Kit Kat Ranch. I got a sexy white girl who only charged me $150. So I don’t know what happened. But raising rates from $200 to $1000 or $1500 is quite ridiculous and without justification. What kind of price rises 500 percent for no reason like that?

Better to go overseas where you can get P4P for much less, such as Philippines and Thailand where it starts at $30. Poland and Amsterdam also have brothels for $30 a lay. Even in Canada, the brothels are $200 for both room and tip. So charging $1000 is off the chart stupid and unreal. What are Dennis Hof and his whores smoking that they think they can get away with that? Especially when the economy of the US is in a down cycle and people are struggling?

It’s no surprise that the Bunny Ranch and the group of Mound House brothels across the road are empty these days with hardly any customers. They were a lot busier in the 1990’s. So when any schmuck does occasionally come by, they have to take advantage of it and put high pressure on get him to agree to thousand dollar prices. That’s what happened to me it seems.