Dennis Hof finally responds to my complaint on the BBB website



Check this out. Dennis Hof finally posted a response to my complaint case on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Here is what he wrote:



Lets start with a google search of winston exposed.

wu stated he was here 10 years ago and the price went up, yes it has and he had 2 girls

mr wU has good taste he picked 2 girls that have been both featured in Penthouse Magazine, One Six Shades & Channel

They charged wu $400 for 2 girls 1/3 of the normal cost.

wu rebooked for another $400 30 minutes later for another 30 minutes, way below market price because he promised to keep the party going .

Wu rebooked again for $300

Wu rebooked for another $402

At any time Wu could have stopped the party. He signed all of the credit card receipts in front of our shift mrg , this is Standard operating procedure.

If wu wanted to stop the sexual experience he could have said no or not signed the credit card slips.

he went on yelp and said terrible things like, in the illegal sex world i can get this. in third world countries in can get this.

The Bunnyranch is not illegal and we are not in a third world country. these are 2 vey pretty girls that have both been featured in Penthouse magazine and we feel he got more than his money worth.


wu not only signed each receipt he initialed each addition charge slip, that is why the credit card people would not reverse the charges.

wu made a purchase and is just looking for a way not to pay.

I did not accept his resolution of course, since he offered none. So I posted this follow up reply to him on the BBB website to correct the errors and inaccuracies in his story.


The above response was obviously posted by the owner of the Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof. I recognize his writing style. Anyone can see from his writing that he is uneducated.

Dennis, thanks for responding finally, but your account of the facts is inaccurate and full of errors. You were not even there when it happened. I will make the key corrections below.

Now Dennis, I hope you will accept the true facts of the case so you can see that I indeed was deceived and scammed, and that we need to come to a middle ground resolution on this. It’s simply wrong to steal money from a client. It is not right that these girls are rewarded with $1500 for scamming me and lying me, while I am out of $1500, which is a lot of money, esp for bad sex.

Corrections and Facts to Dennis Hof’s response:

1. I did not get 30 min for the initial $300 payment. I got about 10 minutes of “foreplay”. Then a buzzer sounded and they said time was up.

Even the credit card company said that all those receipts were timed at 15 minutes apart. That’s what their computers say. You can ask them yourself. You can’t argue with their computer. Computers don’t lie. And neither do I.

2. The girls told me that the $300 was for “everything you wanted”. They used those exact words. I swear it. A session is about one hour or until the client finishes. There was NO misunderstanding about this. They deliberately led me to believe that it was $300 for “everything”. That’s what they said.

As I told you before, they had to deceive me into thinking that the $300 was for everything, because otherwise I would have refused and the deal would have been off.

Obviously, I would NEVER agree to $300 for 10 minutes of foreplay. Duh. No one would agree to that. NO ONE would. That’s why they had to lie. Why would anyone agree to that? Use your common sense.

3. The average price for p4p (pay for pleasure) in America is $200. It’s been so for almost 20 years. And it still is the average price too. If you go to any escort site in the US, you will find that $200/hr is the average rate.

That’s what I was willing to pay. At most, I was willing to pay up to $300. But not for ten minutes. No way. It was for the usual session of one hour. That was our understanding.

But these girls wanted at least $1000. I said no way. Why should I pay $1000 when I have always paid $200 in the USA and Canada? No way jose.

So they resorted to trickery. It’s very simple. They scammed me and lied to me. There was NO MISUNDERSTANDING here. They were not innocent.

4. The fraudulent $1500 transaction was NOT done in mutual agreement at all. It was NOT done under mutual consent. If it was, I would not be disputing this vehemently. I do not agree to something by my own free will and then dispute it later. Why would I do that? I have thousands of credit card transactions and the ONLY ones I dispute are the dishonest fraudulent ones, or when I did not receive what was promised.

5. Sex is not worth $1000. If you think it is Dennis, then you are delusional and out of touch with reality. Nowhere else charges that much.

6. I did NOT choose Chanel. I chose Six Shades. Chanel came uninvited. When I asked her to leave, she refused, saying that Six only does “parties” with her around. Thus Chanel does not deserve anything. She was uninvited and refused to leave. I did not want to pay for her. Thus I am not obligated to pay her. And hence I did not “choose two girls” as you claimed. I only chose one.

7. Dennis, you got the numbers mixed up. The first charge was for $300. The next three charges were for $400. You can check the receipts and see. Each of those $400 charges only lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes. Definitely not 30 minutes. I can promise you that.

8. I did not agree to the additional $1200 charges and I was unwilling to sign the additional receipts for them. Chanel took my credit card out of my wallet against my will to swipe it. She argued with me about it aggressively. I refused to sign the additional charges since we had a deal of $300, which they broke by only giving me 10 minutes of foreplay, rather than “everything” like they promised.

But I was not allowed to leave the premises without signing. The two girls and the cashier used borderline coercion. I do not like confrontation or violence, so I did not want to fight them. Thus the signatures were obtained under DURESS which technically renders them invalid.

To Dennis Hof:

Dennis, please get real here and accept the truth. If all this was mutual and consensual, do you think I’d be disputing it vehemently? Of course not. Think about it. The fact is, I was scammed, tricked and lied to, plain and simple. There’s no way around it.

Thus you must take responsibility for your employee’s misconduct and misbehavior and right the wrong. You are OBLIGATED to resolve this dispute and scam. It’s common sense.

You seem to have no ethics or conscience. But like everyone told me, “Well what did you expect from a brothel owner?” They are right. It is not realistic to expect a brothel owner to be fair or ethical. But the truth is still the truth. I was SCAMMED, which is a FACT, and you have a moral obligation to fix it and resolve it.

Remember, this was NOT a case of buyer’s remorse. I never agreed to such a deal of $1500 in four charges. NEVER. If I did, I would not be disputing it and I would not be angry that I was scammed and cheated. Duh.

In contrast to you, I have a lot of credibility and references from third party sources. Anyone can check my online bio and see. Thus I’m a far more credible and honest source than you. Moreover, you weren’t even there the night I was scammed.

Dennis, do what’s right. Or karma will come get you. It always does.

Already I’ve put up three webpages about you to expose the wrong you did in refusing to return stolen money. See the URL’s below:

Next I will be putting up webpages about you on Once there they will be PERMANENT. Not even I can remove them after they are posted. Do you want that? If not, then let’s resolve this fairly and amicably. Stop making it worse by ignoring me and refusing to answer my emails.

All good businesses respond to disputes and are willing to discuss them. It is a very bad sign that you are not. Only guilty people avoid resolving a dispute.

Do what’s right man. Or else my webpages and the pages that I will put on, will cost you a lot of business, more than the $1500 that was scammed and stolen from me. So if you are smart, you will try to resolve this before any more damage is done to your name and business.

You can’t get away with scamming me Dennis. We gotta come to some middle ground here that’s fair.

I await your resolution proposal Dennis.



Here is my addendum reply to him on the BBB website:


To Dennis Hof:

Dennis, one more thing. At the very least, you MUST refund my initial $300 payment, because the girls did NOT deliver on what was promised for that amount. They offered one hour of sex for that $300, in order to prevent me from leaving. But in actuality, it was only about 5 minutes of warm-up foreplay. It might have been up to 10 minutes, but in my memory, it was closer to 5 minutes.

Now you know that there is a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE between 5 minutes and 60 minutes right? Anyone does. If you don’t, then you need to return to grade school. Either way, stop denying the facts.

The point is, they LIED and did NOT deliver on their promise. So at the very least, you owe me that $300 since they totally broke the agreement. That’s a 100 percent FACT!

Additionally, when they charged the additional $400 after 5 or 10 minutes, they also PROMISED again that it would be for one hour. Yet AGAIN they broke it and in fact it was only 15 minutes at most.

So they lied twice, first for the $300 charge and then for the $400 charge they added minutes later. Do you understand?

There is no way around it Dennis. You can’t weasel out of this. The facts are the facts. They did not give me the hour they promised, only 5 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for each of the $400 charges they made against my will.

That’s what happened. Honestly. I swear. Stop trying to spin it. Even if I’m guilty for not stopping it, still, your girls LIED MAJORLY and DID NOT DELIVER on what they promised.

Thus you cannot just give them zero penalty for that. No way dude. They did WRONG and scammed me and thus I have a legitimate complaint and dispute that needs to be resolved.

Bottom line: At the very least, you owe me that $300 they renegged on, and to be fair, the $400 afterward too, since they renegged on that too.

We need to come to some middle ground about this Dennis. Otherwise, you will have a permanent record on, which will show up at the top of Google rankings and cause significant losses in your business.

You need to punish the guilty parties. It’s your job and duty. SO DO IT!

I await your resolution and proposal.

Thank you.


Did you notice in Dennis Hof’s last response to me on the BBB website, that he claimed that I got a bargain for $1500? WTF? lol. He claims that $1500 for 45 min of bad sex that’s not even GFE is a bargain! What a delusional twit and scumbag.

I forgot to respond to that, so I added this comment on my BBB complaint page.



Why do you give this company a rating of A-? They do not answer my emails and do not respond to disputes nor discuss them. That’s a very bad sign. Every normal business is willing to discuss disputes and propose a compromise. Only this one isn’t. That’s a sign of guilt, not innocence. They scammed me AGAINST my will out of $1500 and their owner doesn’t care. Very bad sign. It’s obvious these are scumbags and sociopaths. They deserve an F rating, definitely not A-. You need to revise that.

To Dennis Hof:

I just read your response again and laughed at the part where you said I got a bargain for $1500. Are you really that delusional? $1500 for bad sex is NOT a bargain at all. No one thinks that.

Let me educate you on some facts, so listen up.

Sex does NOT cost $1000+ anywhere, and is NOT worth that much anywhere either. The standard rate for sex in America is $200, more or less, and has been for many years. But not $1000. No way. Maybe Pamela Anderson could charge that much. But not a brothel girl. No way.

In Germany, sex is under $100. In Poland, it’s $30. In Holland at Amsterdam, it’s $50. In USA and Canada, it’s about $200. Not $1000. Get that through your head.

One of the strippers at Squeeze and Play told me that you went to Holland and noted that the prices there for sex were $50.

Well guess what? Holland, Germany and Poland are NOT third world countries, so your statement that sex is cheaper than $1000 only in third world countries is false, even by your own experience in Holland.

Anyhow, the point is that sex in the USA is worth around $200. So there’s no way I’m paying $1500 for it. I never agreed to that price. Your staff took it by force and trickery, so they committed a CRIME. YOU are RESPONSIBLE for that. Get it?

Lesson in logic for you: Just because you raise the price from $200 to $1000+ doesn’t make it worth that much. That would be like me raising the price of bubble gum from 50 cents to $1000. Even if I did, it still wouldn’t be worth that much. Saying so doesn’t make it so.

You got that? I just gave you some free education in the real world here and a free lesson in basic logic. So you owe me for that. lol.

Now get down to earth and propose a solution and return the money your staff scammed AGAINST my will. Your response did not contain any proposal or compromise at all. You need to provide one. Please do so.

Remember that the universe has a perfect karmic accounting system. No debt goes unpaid. So pay up. Do what’s right.



Dennis Hof: Criminal Owner Complicit in $1500 Scam and Swindle


Right: Dennis Hof, criminal owner complicit in the $1500 scam and swindle at his Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Dennis Hof is now a criminal scumbag owner of a scam and highway robbery business known as the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The girls at his Bunny Ranch clearly scammed and hustled me, extracting $1500 in the process, as explained in my story here. When this story was sent to Hof, he ignored me and did not care. I guess to him, people committing crimes and scams on his business is ok. That makes him complicit in the criminal activity going on at his business, and thus a criminal scumbag owner.
To Dennis Hof:Look dude, I have nothing against you personally. I’ve never even met you. But I can’t let you and your scam operation get away with robbing me out of $1500. No way dude. What is wrong with you? What is your problem? All I’m asking is for you to do what’s right and resolve this. That’s not a lot to ask. I was hoping we could resolve this like civilized gentlemen, but you don’t seem to be anything of the sort.If this dispute is not resolved justly and fairly, then you leave me no choice. I will have to resort to aggressively exposing you by putting up web pages containing my story and this report under the following high ranking domain names:

  • (Google Blogger platform)
  • (WordPress Blog platform)
  • (popular site highly ranked in Google)
  • (Note: Once posted here, it can never be removed, even at my request, so take that into account)
  • (Note: Once posted here, it can never be removed, even at my request, so take that into account)
  • (in the forum and trip report section)
  • (in the forum and trip report section)

That’s a total of seven high ranking domain names that will be giving you very bad publicity and exposing you as a scam. The webpage titles will all be optimized to label the Bunny Ranch and Dennis Hof as “scams and robbers”. These pages will all be interlinked as much as possible, and I will place anchor links to them from several high ranking sites I own, which will result in their placement at the TOP of Google search results easily. I’m an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) and internet marketing so I can do this easily. I make my living online, so this is my forte.

Two blogs exposing your Bunny Ranch have already been put up. Their URL’s are below:

If you won’t listen to reason, these reports will be going up on as well, which will get top ranking and exposure. Note that once there, they cannot be removed, not even at my request. Is that what you really want? Get with it man! Where is your basic morality dude?!

Please understand that you will NOT get away with robbing me of $1500. That’s a promise and guarantee. You have my word on that.

To recap:

The bottom line FACTS are:

  • I NEVER agreed to $1500. I also NEVER agreed to $300 for 10 minutes. And I did NOT agree to being charged $400 every 10 minutes!
  • All of this was obtained through aggressive trickery, deceit and hustling tactics, in particular by Chanel. She was extremely pushy, aggressive, and would not take no for an answer. Her tactics were tantamount to borderline coercion. This is wrong and unacceptable. All of it happened AGAINST my will and wishes too.
  • Thus I was technically SCAMMED. There’s no way around it. I NEVER agreed to all of this and it was all AGAINST my will too. There was NO mutual consent or agreement at all. 

Please note that there was NO misunderstanding between us. A misunderstanding occurs when both parties are honest and misinterpret each other. But they were not honest. If they were, they would have said “$300 for 10 minutes” rather than “$300 for everything you wanted” which is what they actually said. But they couldn’t be honest and say that, because I would have replied “No way!” and their scam would have failed. That’s why they had to resort to trickery and deception.

In their mind, it was either 1) Use trickery and deception to try to obtain $1000+ from me, or 2) Be honest and lose me and earn zero dollars. They obviously chose option #1, which was criminal, dishonest and wrong.

Now I may be guilty of being weak-willed. But being weak willed is not a crime, only a character flaw. On the other hand, what they did: Using willful and deliberate deceit and trickery in order to extract a large amount of money from me, definitely IS a crime! And they definitely should not be allowed to get away with that.

Plus, let’s use common sense here. Why were the receipts charged in increments of $300, $400, $400, and $400, instead of $1500 all at once? The explanation is simple and obvious. I did NOT agree to the total amount they wanted, which was a thousand dollars. But they did not want me to walk out of there without profiting from me. So they resorted to trickery, by pretending to agree to $300, and then charging $400 every ten minutes afterward, AGAINST my wishes. Thus the increments were due to trickery and scam tactics. Otherwise there would have been one bill for $1500, instead of in increments. Simple logic. Thus, they scammed me, and the circumstantial evidence from these increments alone make this obvious.

Technically, the girls are guilty of the following wrongful actions:

  1. Disrespecting my decision after I said “No!” many times, which is a violation of my basic rights.
  2. Unauthorized swiping of my credit card against my will and without my permission.
  3. Forcing me to sign the receipts under duress after I refused the charges.
  4. Breach of contract in not delivering the agreed upon services promised at the agreed upon price.
  5. Scamming an exorbitant amount from me ($1500) via the use of aggressive trickery and hustling.
  6. Providing little or no value for the $1500 they scammed, which they did not earn or deserve.

Please consider all the above. Otherwise, you are the criminal scumbag owner of a highway robbery and scam business, and will be justly exposed.

What’s odd is that any other business I know of would be willing to discuss a dispute or work with it, especially if the customer/client was truly scammed or tricked. But you refuse to discuss it at all. Period. That’s a very BAD SIGN. Only GUILTY people who know they are in the wrong do that.

Anyway, I’m tired of trying to reason with you while you totally ignore me. I’m a real client with a legitimate complaint of being scammed and tricked. I have every fricking right to ask for a resolution or compromise. Do what’s right you big fat redneck! Where is your basic morality? Sheesh. What is wrong with you dude? Are you a stupid redneck?

If someone in your business uses scam, trickery and lies, then it’s YOUR DUTY to fix the problem and resolve it and deal the appropriate punishment and penalty on the guilty party, as well as fair compensation to the victims. This is common sense. So do your duty man! Stop being a dickface!

You can’t just let scammers in your business go unpunished with zero penalty. Get real dude! You gotta at least come to some middle ground here. These girls are definitely NOT innocent. Are you fricking stupid?! Sheesh.

Dennis, you’re clearly a scumbag and sociopathic asshole. If you continue to be like this, I’m going to multiply these pages and start pointing links and driving traffic to them so that they will go up in Google rankings. I will also create pages on with YOUR NAME in the title and pages with “Bunny Ranch Scam” in the title too.

This bad publicity will definitely spread and you will LOSE business from it that will EXCEED the $1500 I was scammed at your establishment.

Your bad karma is definitely coming to haunt you and damage you. You can’t escape divine justice and karma. Do what’s right you dickhead, or you’ll get what’s coming to you. That’s a PROMISE!

This is your LAST WARNING Dennis. Are you gonna do what’s right or not?!